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The Botton (Club Cannon)

The Botton (Club Cannon)

Rental Includes - one Club cannon DMX controller 'The Button' with Power Cable. (Rental does NOT include CO2 Cannons or DMX Cables)



Rent from $15.00

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The Button is a standalone DMX Controller used to trigger Special Effects Products of all kinds.

The Button provides a simple, intuitive interface with vast capabilities. The Button will allow you to trigger CO2 Jets, Confetti Blowers, Streamers, Fog, Haze, Sparks, and everything in between.


The built-in timer feature will track CO2 usage, giving you an accurate estimate of tank levels. Never again have to guess when you will run out of CO2! The timers can also be utilized to track consumable usage for other FX products that rely on consumables, as well as a reference for cues calling for a specified duration.


By default, The Button will output DMX channel 1 @255, however, the range of channels can be adjusted by the user.

The Button has 30+ preset colors/looks to choose from. If you need a specific color, utilize the custom color setting and assign your desired RGB values.

The Button DMX Controller
3&5 Pin DMX Output
6FT Neutrik True1 Power Cord
2 Keys