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BeatHive DJs provides DJ Services & Silent disco and works with college campuses, corporate companies, cities, weddings , afterparties and even backyard parties-bringing the Hive to Life with Music. 

Don't break the bank with our affordable DJ Services. We are not the cheapest but we are also not the most expensive. Each event is uniquely quoted.  Our pricing starts at $850 and our Average investment is $1450.

With silent disco Utah you can select your DJ and pick your flavor of HoneyBeats. Unique to silent disco, the attendees can select between their soundtracks – a dance experience unlike any other.

Silent disco, quiet clubbing, or headphone parties; whatever you want to call it, all these names describe the newest live event experience that’s taking the country by storm. Instead of a loudspeaker system blasting music through a venue, each partygoer dons their own personal pair of stereo headphones. These are instantaneously connected to a live DJ mixing the hottest music directly into guests’ ears.

We take this concept a step further, offering up to three live DJs mixing multiple genres across separate wireless headphone channels. Making Multi- Cultural events a breeze.  Your guests will be in control of their personal event soundtrack and can freely rotate between different DJ setlists as the night goes on. You’ll be able to tell what your friends are listening to by the color of their headsets. Spontaneous singalongs and dance-offs are guaranteed to ensue!

Silent disco opens the door to celebrations at all hours and in new locations that have previously been unaccommodating to live events. Having a party at a resort with a noise curfew? Throw the silent headphones on and guests can party without disturbing sleeping hotel patrons. Planning an outdoor wedding reception in a location with noise-sensitive neighbors? You’ll be able to party into the night in silence, enjoying epic music without compromising your after-party dreams.

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Wedding Receptions

Wedding Receptions

Our DJ Services along with our Utah Silent Disco will give your wedding guests an unforgettable experience that’s unique from anything they’ve experienced at other receptions. Host a party where you can have your AND your new spouse’s favorite music played, simultaneously. Or perhaps you’ll dedicate one DJ to oldies and one to the latest hits, offering musical selections for guests of every age. Then, when the reception begins to die down as parents and grandparents head to bed, you and your closest friends can continue celebrating late into the night.
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Corporate Holiday Parties

Corporate Holiday Parties

You appreciate your employees. Treat them to an event they’ll brag about to their friends by throwing a silent disco at your next retreat or awards ceremony. They’ll be able to tailor the experience to their personal tastes. Not a fan of loud music but still enjoy being a part of the fun? Simply turn down your headphones, sit back, and take in the sights. Prefer to let loose on the dancefloor? Crank yours up to 11 and show off your best moves.
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City Events and Block Parties

City Events and Block Parties

Utah silent disco is the perfect solution to large city events where noise pollution is a concern. Throw a block party and don’t worry about sound bleeding into neighboring booths or stages. Host a celebration in a local park while still being respectful of those living near the action.
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Translation Services

Translation Services

If you’re hosting a bilingual event, Utah silent disco headphones are the perfect way to cater to the language needs of your attendees. Up to 3 translators can broadcast to your audience at once. Guests simply tune into their chosen language and have live translation services at their fingertips. Choosing a language is as simple as flicking a switch – no apps to download and no TV channels to sift through.
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Conferences and Trade Shows

Conferences and Trade Shows

The utility of silent disco extends far beyond throwing epic parties. With multi-channel wireless audio transmission, 2 or 3 presenters can give presentations simultaneously – in the same room! Participants can come and go, tune in as they wish, and take in information from multiple viewpoints without physically moving around the venue.
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City Events and Block Parties

City Events and Block Parties

Utah silent disco is the perfect solution to large city events where noise pollution is a concern. Throw a block party and don’t worry about sound bleeding into neighboring booths or stages. Host a celebration in a local park while still being respectful of those living near the action.
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DJ Services

What Makes BeatHiveDJ's Unique?

Beat Hive DJs offers a unique blend of DJ services and Silent Disco experiences that cater to a diverse range of events and audiences. From college campuses to corporate functions, from weddings to backyard parties, we bring the energy of the Hive to life through music. With our Silent Disco service in Utah, attendees have the freedom to select their preferred DJ and choose from a variety of HoneyBeats flavors. Unlike traditional events, Silent Disco revolutionizes the dance experience by allowing partygoers to groove to their own personalized soundtrack through wireless headphones.

We take Silent Disco to the next level by offering up to three live DJs simultaneously mixing across separate headphone channels. This interactive setup allows guests to switch between DJ setlists on-the-fly, creating an atmosphere of spontaneity and excitement. With headsets indicating the music choice through color, expect epic singalongs and dance-offs to unfold seamlessly.

The versatility of Silent Disco extends beyond just entertainment—it opens doors to celebrations at unconventional hours and locations. Whether it's a noise-sensitive resort or an outdoor wedding reception, Silent Disco ensures uninterrupted festivities without compromising on music quality.

Our DJ Services paired with Utah Silent Disco guarantee an unforgettable experience for wedding guests, with personalized playlists catering to all musical tastes. From oldies to the latest hits, guests of all ages will find something to groove to. Moreover, hosting a Silent Disco at corporate retreats or awards ceremonies adds a unique touch, allowing employees to tailor their experience to personal preferences.

In addition to its entertainment value, Silent Disco serves practical purposes, such as mitigating noise pollution at large city events or offering live translation services for bilingual gatherings. With the ability to host multiple presenters simultaneously, it transforms traditional presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences.

Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or city celebration, Beat Hive DJs and our Utah Silent Disco service provide a one-of-a-kind experience that sets your event apart from the rest. Let us bring the buzz to your next gathering and elevate it with the power of music and innovation.
Our team consists of skilled Utah audio visual professionals who are passionate about what they do. We use state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge sound, lighting, and video technology to deliver the best services around. With our partners, we strive to create a service that exceeds our client’s expectations with every project.

Events We Work:

  • Seminars
  • DJ festivals
  • Trade shows
  • Award ceremonies
  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Charity events
  • Galas
  • Music festivals
  • Drive-in movies
  • Dance performances and competitions
  • Outdoor movie nights
  • Car shows
  • College events
  • Holiday parties
  • Sporting events
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Silent Disco Utah
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DJ Cam was absolutely outstanding and very talented. His Mixes and sets created the personal atmosphere for our event. Highly, Highly Recommend and will definitely have him DJ for us again!



Mark was amazing to work with. We had a lot of different acts and presentations and he adjusted everything beautifully. Super professional, amiable, and awesome. Thanks Mark!

FAQ | Silent Disco

Silent disco, also called “quiet clubbing” or “headphone parties,” is a new party concept where participants enjoy dance music broadcast wirelessly to personal sets of headphones distributed at the door. No loud sound systems required!

The process is simple! Each guest grabs a set of fully charged headphones, adjusts them for a comfortable fit, and uses a small switch to select between up to 3 music channels. The lights on the headphones will change with the channel, allowing you to see what everyone around you is partying to!

Each person also has full control of the volume in there own headphones. 

At a dance party, different channels allow multiple live DJs to create different music mixes. This gives partygoers the opportunity to switch up the vibe at any point! Don’t like the song one DJ is playing? Just switch to another!

Nope! Multi-channel wireless audio has many uses beyond dancing including live translation services, conference presentations, and even yoga classes!

Great question! There are many benefits to silent disco. The biggest benefit is the silence itself! Throwing a Utah silent disco means you don’t have to worry about local sound ordinances or getting the police called on your party. If you’re partying indoors, say, in a large hotel, you also avoid having to shut down the fun early due to a curfew. Beyond this, silent disco is fun, innovative, and unique. Guests feel in control of the party as they switch between different music sources. Coordinated Headphone lighting gives a sense of togetherness to the entire event.

With our A LA CARTE style pricing, pick and choose your services. 

  1. DJ Services
  2. Number of Silent Disco Headphones
  3. Sound Systems
  4. DJ Booth

We currently have a whopping 750 pairs of headphones in our inventory! We are the only provider in the state of Utah who can provide silent disco at this scale, completely in-house. We anticipate growing our headphone inventory by another 500 sets in the coming year.

The three color channels available on the headphones are red, green, and blue. Each DJ will have an assigned color so guests can easily flip between their favorites.

You bet. Each set of headphones has a wide range of adjustability to accommodate different head sizes. The sound quality is top-notch, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise your acoustic experience when participating in silent disco.

While each event is unique and a variety of factors affect the final quote (location, size, number of DJs, etc.), pricing normally ranges from $5-$10 per headphone depending on the quantity of djs the pricing per DJ is $850-$650. $1450 for 100 headphones with 1 DJ and 2 ipads.

We’d love to hear about the details of your event. Reach out to us on our contact page to let us know your event location, number of guests, music tastes, and any other relevant information. We’ll get back to you ASAP and can answer any questions you may have.

FAQ | DJ Services

No, we provide our DJ Services and Silent Disco separately! It's all à la carte style, allowing you to customize based on your budget.

While each event is unique and a variety of factors affect the final quote (location, size, number of DJs, etc.) Our DJ Talent Fee starts at $850 and does not include a sound system. The Sound System is $250 for a basic sound system that will cover up to 150 people. 

Yes, but this applies only to certain services. Our Basic DJ Services already cover the travel fee.

However, if you opt for Mini-Bee or Big-Bee services, there's an additional charge of $300 for 40-90 miles from Centerville, Utah.

Yes! By default, we play radio edits or versions cleaner than those on the radio.

Upon request and approval, we are open to considering playing unedited music. However, if children are present and BeatHive DJs or its DJs are performing in a public space, they reserve the right to refuse music that doesn't align with the atmosphere.

Our company stands out because our owners also operate two companies specializing in live sound production and DJ services, offering premium services to our clients. This means we're well-equipped to handle high-profile events with large gatherings of over 1000+ people.

They have successfully executed events for renowned companies such as SpaceX,, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Louis Vuitton, Rossignol, Solomon, and more.

For further insights into the sound systems provided by our sister companies, check out this article: 'What is the Right Sound System for Your Next Event?'

We're dedicated to collaborating with community-minded individuals. Many organizations trust and compensate us for facilitating successful fundraisers year after year, and we enjoy partnering with them for mutual benefit.

As a for-profit business, we incur hard costs to ensure smooth operations. While we're eager to support your next event, please note that we don't offer complimentary staging, lighting, sound, or DJ services.

  • Deposit + signed contract
  • For most events: a $400 Booking Fee, with the remaining balance due 3 weeks before the event
  • If the event is over $2000 the booking fee is half of the balance. 

We work closely with up-and-coming DJs and established DJs in the market. Our team consists of artists in the club scene, sports scene, latin scene, country dancing scene, ballroom dancing scene, and afterparties.

Reach out to us today, and we will give you a few options on who is available to make your event happen.

We’d love to hear about the details of your event. Reach out to us below to let us know your event location, number of guests, music tastes, and any other relevant information. We’ll get back to you ASAP and can answer any questions you may have.

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